Where the locals go…

Six places to visit when in Cuba to avoid the tourist crowds.

  1. Salon Rosado de La Tropical: A perfect place to enjoy the nightlife outdoors, this large and open-air venue is popular among the young and hip crowd. Locals gather to listen to the newest and up and coming musicians of Havana. It’s also a great spot to listen to hip hop and electronic music.  
  2. Don Cangrejo: This venue offers live music for those interested in a more formal evening. Contemporary musicians that play regularly here include Kelvis Ochoa , David Torrens, & the gang. Friday nights are particularly busy as this is the spot to visit.
  3. Dos Gardenias: Inspired by the recent comeback of the bolero music movement this place is where visitors have the chance to enjoy the romantic sounds of traditional bolero musicians. The “jam” session begins at midnight which is when the audience can sing along with the bands in the Salón del Bolero or Bolero Room.
  4. Cafe Teatro Bertolt Brecht: If you want to hear salsa and traditional Cuban music this is probably not the place for you. The music here is contemporary Cuban fusion. Tuesdays, Thursday and Fridays are “No Se Lo Digas a Nadie” (Don’t tell anyone!) nights!
  5. El Sause: Known for their “Live Art” El Sause opens its doors Tuesday through Saturday at 9pm and it hosts a variety of artist such as Diana Fuentes , Kelvis Ochoa, Descemer Well, Polito Ibáñez, Frank Delgado and more.
  6. Parque Lenin: The perfect place to spend the entire day. This amusement park offers roller coasters, a steam train, horseback riding, a zoo, an aquarium, pools and various restaurants.