Top Destinations in Cuba

Cuba is a unique destination to visit. If you are planning your next trip, here are the top destinations in Cuba.

Explore the Beauties of Havana

Havana is the soul of the country

  • The city remains the most charming city not only in Cuba, but also in the Caribbean. Several factors make Havana the dream place for visitors coming into Cuba.
  • It is the place to get the most thrilling experience about Cuba.
  • Some of the things that make Havana unique include its bubbling activities such as rumba music, the popular Havana rum, driving classic cars of the 50s.
  • if you want to enjoy the Cuban ways of life, visit Havana.

Explore the best of colonial architecture in Holguín

If you want to explore the best colonial architecture in Cuba, try to make Holguín tour part of your tour.

  • It is located in the southeastern part of Cuba.
  • Other interesting things you could enjoy here include visits to museums and churches as well as galleries.
  • This city is known for lots of outdoor activities. You would also get your beach vacation and relaxation here.
  • Moreover, the city is close to the most beautiful beaches in Cuba Emerald and Guardalaca beaches.
  • You could carry out a nature vacation to Alejandro de Humboldt and Mensura parks. These are close to the city.

Enjoy the beauties of Santiago de Cuba

This is regarded as the cultural hub of Cuba.

  • The city is very romantic.
  • If you want to explore the great historical past and the rich cultural heritage of Cuba visit this great city.
  • It is the second most important city in this country after Havana. Remember the Cuba revolution was proclaimed in this great city.

Be part of the charming Trinidad

Here are some of the great things you could enjoy when you visit this charming city

  • It has the most colorful houses,
  • The remains of the Spanish colonial domination of the country could be explored here,
  • You would enjoy the Baldwin locomotive and access the unique Valley of Sugar Mills.

Explore the Southern City of Cienfuegos

This is the pearl of the south.

  • It is the most beautiful town in this part of the county.
  • Several factors make it attractive such as most beautiful buildings; it is one of the UNESCO heritages in this country.
  • You could explore the 19th century architecture.

Discover the Historic Santa Clara

If you want to explore Cuba’s historical past visit Santa Clara.

  • It is located close to Havana and Holgium, the other important destinations in Cuba.
  • The last battle of the Cuban revolution was won in this great city.

Become part of food culture of Baracoa

Another important place you could visit in this country is Baracoa.

  • Here you would enjoy the spicy food of the Cuban people.
  • The weather is conducive and the people have a rich cultural heritage.

Climb to the Highest Pico Turquino Mountain

This is the highest mountain in Cuba.

  • You enjoy Cuba wildlife at its best.
  • Explore the great rich green forests of Cuba and other interesting things you would enjoy here.

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