Cuban Cigars

Have you ever wondered why Cuban cigars have the reputation of being the best cigars in the world? I did for a long time and then I went to the province of Pinar Del Rio in Cuba where tobacco fields are never ending and where cigar making is pure art. After my visit I gained respect and appreciation not only for the finished product, but for the process itself. From beginning to end or from seed to finished product there are approximately 220 different stages in the process. Expert cigar makers produce approximately 100 cigars a day and once finished samples are tested rigorously to evaluate the quality of the cigar based on range, compactability, sent, combustibility, etc. Once tested, they are dehumidified and after several weeks they are classified based on color and packaged in wooden boxes. But the life of the cigar doesn’t end there, for after this point it is up to the smoker to ensure that the cigar is cared for until the end. Cigars require proper humidity and temperature (16/20°C and a humidity of 65%) in order to be enjoyed to the maximum. So next time you smoke a cigar slow down and enjoy because you’re smoking a piece of art.