My First Visit To Cuba

My arrival to the Havana Airport in Cuba was an experience I will never forget. I had both positive and negative thoughts running through my head. Not knowing what to expect when entering the country was nerve wrecking. As the plane landed all the passengers began to clap and cheer. The fact that all the passengers expressed their excitement and celebrated their arrival made me feel at ease immediately. I was able to sit back and really begin to enjoy the journey that I was about to experience.
Walking out of the airport was a bit emotional for me, because there was huge crowd of people standing outside waiting for what could be family and friends to arrive. Every single individual standing there had a smile from ear to ear. All their excitement came out of their pores. Some in tears as they hugged their loved ones and others were jumping with joy.
The drive from the airport to the hotel was unreal, it all began to sink in… I was in Cuba. The classic cars, historical statues, and detailed architecture said it all- I was experiencing Cuba.
As we approached the hotel I set my eyes on the Malecón, I had never seen anything like it and it took my breath away. The energy around it was just so peaceful and thrilling all at once. It was a magical place where couples in love gathered and publicly showed their affection, it was also a place for friends to meet and make plans for the night, and for talented musicians to play their musical instruments with classic tunes for tourists to hear.
Walking the streets of Old Havana was another highlight of my journey. We were able to visit a few Cuban artists and talk to them one on one about their inspirations and vision. Their studios are usually located within their homes and it’s common for them to receive visitors who often gather to watch them work and admire their latest pieces.
As I continued exploring, it became clear to me that Cubans often used their homes to start their own businesses. Some had restaurants and others little shops. As the day ended and dinner came around, it became clear that the most common trait that Cubans carry is friendliness. There was not one person that I passed by that didn’t smile, greet, or wish me a great day.
I cannot talk about my first experience without sharing the entertainment aspect of Cuba. In old Havana there were multiple individuals dancing without music, yet feeling every single move. Some sang and played rhythmic instruments to the beat of “son” in the middle of the day. The entertainment at night time by far was my favorite. I just have to say that that Cubans are excellent performers who simply transfer their happiness onto anyone that sees them.
There is so much expression and history that can be found around Havana. Pure passion, happiness, and celebration are expressed through their music, dance, art, and lifestyle. Overall, I fell in love and appreciate that “echando pa’lante” (carry on and never give up)attitude that Cubans have.